Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York, New York

(1) Spiked Christian Louboutin Pigalle. As the lovely sales person at Bergdorf's said, Mr. Louboutin makes art. If it happens to fit your feet, so much the better. Out of all the offerings from this ubiquitous designer I was most interested in the Pigalles because of their elegant curvature and classic pointy toe. I've heard many women complain about the awful sacrifices they make to fit and walk in these shoes, so I've decided to investigate on my own. Let's just say this is the one and only time I will EVER wear Louboutins. Ever. Orthopedic surgery ain't worth it in the long run.

(2) On a Manhattan rooftop. Wearing a J. Crew blazer ($20 via eBay), J Brand jeans ($40 via eBay),Valentino sweater ($35 via eBay), Burberry flats ($190 via Nordstrom Rack), Fendi sunglasses ($80 via Nordstrom Rack), Calvin Klein belt, and Bric's bag ($100 via DSW) and enjoying the sunset's at a friend's place.

(3) Sunset reflecting off a glass paneled building. For this shot I was just in the right place at the right time.

(4) Sunset in NYC.

(5) I didn't gel my hair. The wind was particularly strong that evening - I didn't bring back Freddie Mercury circa 1970s.


  1. HOLY cow! Those shoes look amazing but seriously painful!

  2. The shoes are a work of art, but no amount of pain is worth it! Loving the sunset photo too.


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