Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wearing Now: a Little Bit of Mod

Dress: courtesy of eShakti (another one I love from eShakti)
Shoes: Sergio Rossi - $55 via eBay (similar here)
Clutch: vintage - $24 via eBay (similar here)
Sunglasses: Fendi - $80 via Nordstrom Rack

Oops, here I go again - vanished without a word. I was actually in New York this past weekend to visit friends and family and had no time to upload a post (I'm done working at 5 PM and was on the bus by 6:30). I enjoyed my stay for what it's worth; I'm hardly a big city girl - the long distances, menacing skyscrapers, weirdos lurking in subways and dark alleys, and exorbitant prices on nearly everything limit my visits to once every year or two. This, however, was the opportune time to visit because the weather was nice and the screaming-fashion-week-OMG-chicks cleared the scene a couple of days prior to my arrival. I had the streets and shops to myself so it's no surprise I did some MAJOR damage while visiting 5th and Madison Aves. I'll give you a hint: Celine at Bergdorf's but the rest is up to you ;)

Onto the outfit then: I wore this fall preview collection eShakti dress on a date a few days ago and truly loved every minute I spent in it. It features a slightly stretchy waist to accommodate a food baby, a a modest take on the sweetheart neckline, and - the best part - pockets! I don't have a photo with my hands plunged down in them but you'll just need to take my word for it. The best part about eShakti is that they adjust clothing measurements to your specific frame, taking into account not just the usual waist-bust-hips but also your height, and personal preferences such as sleeve type, neckline shape, and hem length. The shipping was lightning fast to boot so I highly recommend these folks!


  1. This is a great dress and it looks fabulous on you! We did a review for eShakti too and were very pleased with the fall collection as well. Can't wait to see your damage from your NYC trip :) Heather & Kayla

  2. Wow, this dress looks so nice on you. I've never had the opportunity to wear an eShakti dress, but I have heard wonderful things from friends about them. Nancy

  3. This dress is so chic and elegant! And the shoes are the perfect touch!

  4. YAY on the Celine! The dress looks perfect on you too, I think it'll be fabulous with the bag ;)

  5. WOW this dress is gorgeous...can't believe how perfectly it fits you. And the sheer makes it so dressy and gives it that vintage glam.

    <3 Cambria

  6. Oooo I am excited to see what you bought from Celine. I know you love shoes more so than handbags....but I can't help but guess that maybe you'll surprise us with a handbag? Either case, enjoy your new purchase, and the dress is beautiful! I'll be featuring an e-shakti piece in a few weeks too!

  7. Love your blog, esp how you post prices just like me =) Beautiful dress

    <3 Kelly

  8. OK....salivating salivating salivating... Just read your comment and I am excited to your new Celine I will not reveal what it is here. Beautiful choice and so excited you saved on the tax :)

  9. I'm not a big city girl either. Glad you missed the craziness of fashion week so you could shop in peace. Can't wait to see what you bought!


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