Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wearing Now: Celine

Blouse: Theory - $13.50 via eBay (came with tags too! Similar here)
Trousers: Marc by Marc Jacobs - $40 via eBay (seller: BHFO; similar here)
Leather jacket: Cole Haan - $150 via eBay (here)
Pumps: Sergio Rossi - $60 via eBay (similar here)
Bag: Celine Trapeze
Sunglasses: Fendi - $80 via Nordstrom Rack

The first time I learned of Celine was when Anh of 9to5 Chic posted about her Phantom. I liked the novel design but it didn't speak to me aesthetically or practically: it may look good with a suit or jeans but you couldn't wear it to dinner or with a dress. Besides, I had (and have) little doubt this bag will go out of style in a few years. Since I'm not a bag person I wanted a quality purse that would carry me from day to night, from work to school, and go with everything from dress pants to denim cutoffs. Since the Phantom was unique enough I looked through Celine's other offerings, which is when I fell in love with the trapeze. A year later (because I don't make four figure decisions lightly) I got tired of unrequited love and bought this beauty at Bergdorf Goodman while in New York. DC, unfortunately, doesn't have a Celine boutique or an authorized dealer. I've heard that Hu's sometimes receives a shipment but I didn't feel like obsessively stalking a bag.

Bottom line: if you're after an item you've wanted for a long time, pull the trigger while you have no expensive responsibilities like a family, mortgage, medical bills, etc. I'm a recent college grad with a job I love, no debt, and no social/financial fetters, which makes this purchase perfectly reasonable for me. I don't want to inspire anyone to buy something beyond their means - buy what you love with what you have and never spend more than what's reliably in your bank account on frivolities.


  1. I totally agree with this, and I think it's such a novel design. I love how you feature it here and completely compliment your outfit. You look great and the jacket is so stylish on you


  2. WELL WELL....hello Gorgeous! I am so glad you got the trapeze bag, Anna it is stunning! I think Anh also got that bag in solid bag on her recent trip to Paris. You wear it well, and enjoy it in years to come! Love the photos of you in NYC :)

  3. Ciao! I like your blog! If you like follow with me Milan Fashion Week on my blog! Kiss, Paolo

  4. This is a very lovely bag. It's definitely an investment. You have been looking so chic and professional. The wide legged trousers really suit you!

  5. It is SUCH a beautiful silhouette and the colors are gorgeous! I love hearing about your splurge and why it was right for you. You deserve a treat after all your hard work with school and getting a job :)


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