Friday, August 3, 2012

Wearing Now: Faux Leather and Cuban Heels

Dress: BCBG - $35 via eBay (similar here, on sale)
Shoes: Leifsdottir (a.k.a Anthropologie's brand minion) - $100 via Nordstrom Rack (very similar here, on sale, here, and here)
Sunglasses: Fendi - $80 via Nordstrom Rack (classics here)
Accessories: Coach watch, Roberto Cavalli bracelet

Here's a vocabulary tidbit that you (probably) wished you knew: those comfortable 1-2' square heels that have been all the rage lately are known as Cuban heels. They're arguably more comfortable than flats because they provide a fair bit of arch support where flats sometimes strain the arch. Just so you have a context for this look (I personally hate it when bloggers wear a knock-'em-out-drop-dead-gorgeous outfit and lead us to conclude they only put it on for the shoot) I wore this to a favorite neighborhood dump to see old friends... I'm still on a mini vacation ;)


  1. *Whistles* Great dress - very flattering on you! Awesome that you wore this to a favorite neighborhood dump :)

  2. Lady!!! I love this dress! My Mom says Hi and says she likes the dress too and the shoes!!! And of course you got a great deal on this dress!

  3. you look great :)
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  4. Wowee! You look like a movie star. I wonder about that too, whether bloggers are just wearing an outfit for the photo shoot and then quickly changing back to yoga pants and T shirts. I'm definitely more productive and happier when I dress like a professional all day.

  5. So "Cuban" heels are what I used to call "kitten heels?" Huh! You really do learn something every day. As much as I love shoes trying to explain all the different heels gets confusing.


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