Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wearing Now: Interview

Blouse: DKNY - $11 via eBay (similar and affordable)
Trousers: BCBG - $110 via Lord & Taylor (here, on sale)
Blazer: J. Crew - $35 via eBay (similar)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo (similar)
Bag: Bric's  - $100 via DSW (similar by PS)
Sunglasses: Fendi - $80 via Nordstrom Rack

I had a job interview yesterday and if things go my way then I'll be the first to spill all the details; otherwise I'm keeping quiet (more of a superstitious reason than logical). I also have an exciting project in the works (not fashion related, I'm afraid), which I'll reveal soon. I hope you're having a productive week!


  1. You look very professional and polished. Loving those wide leg pants! Good luck, sending good luck vibes your way.

  2. good luck! :) I hope you get whatever you are looking for ^__^

  3. Great outfit. I love the blazer and I'm a sucker for a wide leg pant. Hope you get the job :)

  4. Nice interview outfit. Good luck!

  5. Those pants are seriously amazing enough I would totally hire you on the spot based on those alone.

  6. Thank you SOOOOO much for telling me about the word verification issue!!! Thank you so, so much! I took care of it and you won't have to do that again! Also about the bag, it's big enough for 2 days of classes when I just have to have my text book, laptop and lunch for work. This week however I have to have my gym clothes, 3 text books, a camera and my laptop so you can imagine how ridiculously heavy that is. Seriously though I really wish I could just carry that all day long, it has so many pockets on the inside too!

  7. You look like a business woman already, Wish you the best luck on getting that job. Let us know.

  8. I love this outfit! You look so professional and stylish, love the whole outfit. I hope we'll be hearing it's good news soon! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Very professional Miss Anna! I love the blazer and I hope the job offer comes your way. I received the samples the day before the giveaway so I'll keep everyone posted as to the longevity of the protect your pumps lifespan.

  10. Very sharp, polished and ready to do business in this. Pants and blazer are amazing.


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