Monday, August 6, 2012

Wearing Now: Ikat and Stripes

Top: Juicy Couture - $15 via eBay (similar here)
Skirt: Banana Republic - $20 via eBay (similar here)
Shoes: Leifsdottir - $100 via Nordstrom Rack (similar here and here)
Sunglasses: Fendi - $80 via Nordstrom Rack
Accessories: Coach watch, vintage bracelet

Job search is a painful process. You send out your resume, write cover letters, and even call companies directly all in hopes for an entry-level lab tech position that doesn't even pay enough to jump-start a proper adult life. For every 50-60 submitted applications you *may* get 1-2 responses. That said I haven't quite exhausted my avenues (at all, actually), so I'm not despairing yet (I haven't sent out the 50 applications yet either). All in all I'm optimistic until reality stamps me with a big red "DECLINED" on my forehead.

Onto cheerier things: I saw yet another friend I neglected over the past two months and decided to wear this getup to the museum. I'm not sure if the look works but hey, live and learn, right? 

One last note, I joined Pinterest!


  1. A) I am about to learn about job application and resumes soon so I guess it was fate that I read this so I could prepare for the discouragement. B) It does work!

  2. The job hunt is awful, isn't it? Good luck, you will find something. Loving your sandals!

  3. Wow.stripes and ikat work so well together! who knew!! Love ur sandals too..looking so beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
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  4. this point you know anything goes on a blog! I think you did a great job mixing patterns, and i've not seen too many people attempt stripes and ikat! Very nicely done!

    I know the job search process is less than pleasant, doing the same myself! And similarly to you, I've not sent out 50-60 applications but expect to do so at the end of this whole entire spectacle! I think the F21 on Michigan Avenue simply has a larger variety of items because it's the heaviest shopping district in Chicago and with 3 floors they have to offer pretty much the entire online store. I am very lucky :)

  5. I love this combination of prints. I often try something this gutsy, but it never comes out looking this cute. Bravo!
    Love the shoe & shades as well.

    Hudson East

  6. You are a print mixing master! I like how you kept the top part with neutral colors so that the skirt can really stand out. And those shoes! Are they new? I love how it looks, the chunky heel looks super modern and comfy. So perfect for visiting a museum :) And good luck on the job search!

    1. Not quite new; they're my mom's bu I've been using them liberally (as in, a LOT more than she has). I'm just waiting for the day she'll give them to me.

  7. Anna,

    You made this outfit work and I am loving it.

    Don't be discourage on finding a job I am pretty sure the right one will come along. I remember when I was in your situation and Gods blessed me with a great job. Keep the faith.

  8. Awesome pattern look like you stepped off The Sartorialist or something :) And many blessings on that job, I'm confident you will find one but also know how intensive and exhausting that process is!

    <3 Cambria

  9. I have the exact same skirt but haven't touched it for a long time. What an unexpected combination. Take care and good luck with your job search!

    1. I remember that post! Believe me, I thought about all the bloggers who got their hands on this skirt when I pulled it out of the closet.

      P.S - a long time ago, before I revamped this blog, you sent me a link with styling option for this skirt. I still reference that article!

  10. Oohs and ahs, nice job on the print mixing!! Ick, I hate job searching. We moved 4 times (to different states) over the course of 3 years for my the beginning of my husband's career and finding a new job in each place was rough. Have you considered temping through Kelly Scientific or Aerotek? It's not glamorous, but you'll get your foot in the door, gain some experience in the industry, and at least be earning money during your search. They once helped me land a direct hire / permanent job too - worked out well!

  11. great casual look ;)

  12. those sandals are totally amazing!
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  13. Adorable outfit. I like how you mixed your stripes and a little tie-dye with Black+White on top and colorful on the bottom. You do such a great job hunting EBay and thrifting many designer and higher-end store items for such great deals.

    By the way, my name is Ada. I just joined your blog and would love for you to do the same and support me. Thanks a lot, Ada. <3


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